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New art celebrates the colors and energy of spring

An abstract of a forsythia bloom by Daniel Sroka
An abstract of a forsythia bloom.

Spring in the northeast is an explosion of delicate, temporary color. Flowers like the forsythia, or blooms on a crabapple tree, come for a very brief but intense time. Suddenly, the world is full of color. And a few short days later, it is gone.

See my new collection of spring flower art.

An abstract of a crocus by Daniel Sroka
An abstract of a crocus.

This past month, I worked on preserving this color, working quickly to capture their energy before it faded. I created a new collection of 20 photographs that showcase the yellows of forsythia, the pinks of crabapple, and the purples of crocuses.

An abstract of a crabapple blossom by Daniel Sroka
An abstract of a crabapple blossom.

If you are working on a project that could use the color and vitalty of spring, please give me a call.

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