hey, I won!

by     /    May 07, 2008   

Well, whaddya know. I won third place in the nature/other category of the Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition for my Artifacts of Nature series.

Flight (abstraction of a maple leaf) ©Daniel Sroka

This is pretty cool, because Px3 is one of those rare competitions where I look at the winners and actually like what I see. The jurors have selected an excellent range of styles, subjects and attitudes, and there is some amazing art in there. It’s nice to have been selected to be among them. What can I say, I’m pretty stoked.

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Comments on 'hey, I won!'

Paul Young  (May 7th, 2008):

Congrats, Dan!

paula  (May 7th, 2008):

wow congratulations! very very cool!
i love that photo too

Jean Levert Hood  (May 7th, 2008):

wonderful, Daniel!

Paul Grecian  (May 7th, 2008):

Hey man, congrats on that. Very impressive image and impressive that it would be recognized.

Zak  (May 8th, 2008):

Congratulations. I’ve always loved the way that photo is reminiscent of a bird in flight.

As a celebration why don’t you send a large framed print to all the frequent commenters on your blog?

Melody Madden  (May 8th, 2008):

Congratulations Dan. Your work is amazing and you certainly deserve that honour.

Betty C. Bowen  (May 8th, 2008):

Congratulations Dan, it is great to see your hard work paying off!

Mark  (May 9th, 2008):

Congrats man! Some great company you are with there, and I would say your talent fits right in.

Anna Chipman  (May 9th, 2008):

That is so awesome! Congratulations!

cynthia  (May 11th, 2008):

Congratulations Dan – well deserved!

Barbara Hartsook  (May 12th, 2008):

Congratulations on your win… I love the Japanese maple leaf too — great color palette. 🙂

I’ve just spent a half hour perusing your blog posts, Dan. I’m subscribing simply because you’re a good writer, and what you write about, while varied, seems pertinent. I’ve also enjoyed reading your readers’ comments.

Daniel Sroka  (May 12th, 2008):

Thanks everyone. And welcome to the blog Barbara! I’m glad you enjoy my scribblings.