New article: Comparing Silkypix with Adobe Camera Raw

by     /    January 02, 2006   

How playing with a new raw converter taught me some new tricks. I primarily use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) converter to work on my raw files. I have found that ACR does a great job working on the raw files from my Kodak SLR/n. It provides exellent color, good control, and interfaces very well with Bridge, Adobe’s file browser and organizing tool. Recently, a new raw converter from Japan came out called Silkypix, so I decided to give it a look. Silkypix’s interface is quirky, and is littered with bad translations. But it adds some interesting twists to the raw workflow, including some powerful noise reduction and sharpening tools. I quickly became impressed with its results, finding that I could often quickly produce images that looked better than what I was getting from ACR.

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