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feeling the pressures of fall

October 31, 2019  in  About my art related posts:

Autumn is a source of inspiration for my art. But it can also be a source of tension. Every leaf I see is a potential work of art. But that means every leaf I walk past is art that will never get made. It can…  read more

not so fast

October 18, 2019  in  About my art related posts:,

Some days I have such a strong urge to work quickly, and create as much art as possible. This often happens after a long walk, when I gathered a pile of leaves, twigs, and acorns, full of possibilities. Bursting with ideas, I just want to…  read more

inspiration in the common and overlooked

August 02, 2019  in  About my art & Nature and the environment related posts:

My abstract photographs explore our personal relationship with the natural world we experience everyday. I find my inspiration in common and overlooked scraps of nature, like this fallen leaf. They are a part of our environment we usually ignore, or at best consider a nuisance….  read more


April 01, 2019  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

When I was a kid, scarcity was part of the music experience. We’d scour used record bins in the backs of stores for quirky or interesting albums. We’d jerry-rig antennas to pick up that one crazy little radio station playing Frank Zappa. We save up…  read more

Time to discover

May 31, 2017  in  About my art related posts:,

This is one of those photographs that takes time to discover. I had to live with it for over a year and a half to really begin to see its potential. Always on the verge of throwing it away, something kept encouraging me to hang…  read more

the darkroom vs computer

February 02, 2016  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

In a way, a darkroom is just rough industrial age computer, one that uses chemicals instead of code. Both are machines, tools that let us resolve and visualize captured data. Isn’t this what Eastman hinted at, with the old “you press the button” ad campaign?…  read more

My love of leaves

September 22, 2014  in  About my art & Featured related posts:,

You might have noticed that I love leaves. Especially the leaves of autumn, that have fallen from the trees and started to dry, color and curl. While most people see leaves as a seaonal nuisance to be raked up, I find them so unexpectly deep…  read more

advice to an art student – part 2

November 21, 2013  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

An art student ask for some advice about how I make my style of art. This a continuation of what I wrote back to her. Once you have taken the time to slow down, relax, and try to really see the scene in front of…  read more

advice to an art student – part 1

November 06, 2013  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

I received a great email the other day. A college student wrote to tell me: “You are a huge inspiration to me as a photographer. I wanted you know know that you really helped me develop as an artist and see the world in a…  read more

The One

January 04, 2013  in  About my art related posts:

I’m on my fourth day of photographing one tiny maple leaf. Have taken 100s of shots so far, but the goal is to create The One. I’m getting close, but (whew) my eyes are getting a little blurry. Making art is so often a marathon,…  read more

Locket, an abstraction of a fallen leaf by Daniel Sroka

new art from a new camera

October 04, 2012  in  About my art related posts:

I created this photograph by staring straight down into the heart of a tightly curled leaf. I love the pattern of circles draws you in closer and closer, almost like a coffee stain on your napkin. I have a number of leaves that have a…  read more

the greatest poetry

February 14, 2012  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

“The greatest poetry is revealing to the reader the beauty in something that was so simple you had taken it for granted.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson I’ve been trying to say something like this for years. Leave it an astrophysicist to come up with the…  read more

North Wind I, abstraction of an autumn leaf ©Daniel Sroka

how I name my artwork

October 11, 2011  in  About my art & Art as a profession related posts:

The names I choose for my art all follow a certain style: short names of no more than two or three words, that are metaphorical, not literal descriptions. This method wasn’t a conscious decision at first, it just happened — my art seemed to want…  read more

my job is absurd

June 17, 2011  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

My job is absurd. When I stop to think about it, what I do for a living is simply, utterly absurd. Today I spent hours staring at the seed from a maple tree. Not the whole seed, mind you, but a fragment of that seed….  read more

organized chaos

May 18, 2011  in  About my art related posts:,

After a day of work, my huge crazy pile of the detritus of nature that I collected last summer and fall has been sifted, edited, and organized. Every leaf, stick and seed was examined, and was either tossed out or loosely organized. I figure I…  read more

Storm Front by Daniel Sroka

Storm Front, an abstraction of a catcus

January 21, 2011  in  About my art related posts:

Right now I’m preparing my photographs for my booth at this year’s ArtExpo. This week, when I haven’t been interrupted by snow days, I’ve been working on Storm Front, an abstraction of a cholla cactus that I brought home from my stay Miraval last summer….  read more

Mindfulness and my artistic process

July 22, 2010  in  About my art related posts:,

I have always felt that my work has a strong affinity to resorts and spas, especially ones that place so much focus on your emotional well-being. While I was at the Miraval Arizona Resort for my artist-in-residence, I discovered that they shared an even deeper…  read more

home from Miraval

July 16, 2010  in  About my art related posts:,

I returned home last Saturday from my week-long artist-in-residence program at the Miraval Arizona Resort. It was quite the trip, and something I am still processing, so you aren’t going to get any deep thoughts from my time in the desert, at least not yet!…  read more

Untitled abstract of a leaf ©Daniel Sroka.

slow art

May 21, 2010  in  About my art related posts:

I’ve never been very prolific. My pace is slow, almost glacial. One photograph can represent days or even weeks of work… preparation, shooting, editing, revising, thinking. My photographs are like gems to me, uncovered from deep in the earth. They are statues rescued from tons…  read more

Abstraction of a fallen leaf by Daniel Sroka

sensing what is possible

May 06, 2010  in  About my art related posts:

So much of macro photography is not capturing what your eyes see, but what your gut tells you should be there. When the slightest move can cause an earthquake in the viewfinder, you cannot always rely on your eyes or your tools. You often need…  read more

An abstraction of a gerber daisy

new photographs from this week

March 12, 2010  in  About my art related posts:

I’ve been trying to buckle down and focus more energy on creating new art, and I managed to do a pretty good job of it this week. I was able to spend a least 3 hours in the studio each day, and have the following…  read more

shut up and make art

March 11, 2010  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

Every once and a while I need to remind myself of something important. That the primary job of an artist is… to create art. It’s not marketing, social networking, nor applying for shows. My job is to sit in that studio, and sweating out new…  read more

how coding my website improves my art

November 11, 2009  in  About my art & Art as a profession related posts:

This past week I’ve been hard at work on my website, improving the backend and adding new features. I am adding keywords to all my photographs, so that you’ll be able to explore my art in a new dynamic way. You will also soon be…  read more

finding new possibilities in an old photograph

September 09, 2009  in  About my art related posts:

For the past two days, I’ve been revisiting a very abstract photograph of a leaf I shot a long time ago, discovering new possibilities. This photograph comes from a series I shot five years ago. At the time, only one photograph made the final cut,…  read more

Like Hubble images from outer space

July 01, 2009  in  About my art related posts:,

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin is a jewelry artist and metalsmith who showcases a different artist each month on her blog. I am honored that she named me her July Artist of the Month. It is always fun and informative to seeing your work through someone else’s eyes….  read more

revisiting old photographs

June 11, 2009  in  About my art related posts:

I’ve been spending some time this morning revisiting some older photographs of mine. I had stumbled across one from a couple years ago, and my first reaction was “Bleh! I can do better than that!”. So I went to the archives, pulled out the file,…  read more

Making art every day

June 05, 2009  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

It has now been around ten days that I have been trying to make some art every day. And so far, it has been a success: you can follow my progress on Twitter. A lot of other artists on Twitter are also trying to get…  read more

An hour of art a day

May 19, 2009  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

There is a factoid that contrary to popular opinion, an artist will only spend 20% of their time actually making art, that the rest of their time is spent running their art business. For me, juggling my ketubah business alongside my oh-so-slow-growing fine art photography…  read more

Working in a DIY photo studio

May 15, 2009  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

Photography can be a very expensive artform. Each gadget and tool often comes with a hefty pricetag. And sometimes, the price is worth it. But other times, whew, it is just overkill. This is especially true with all of the random tools you need in…  read more

Lightroom reinvigorates how I use Photoshop

August 07, 2008  in  Art as a profession related posts:

One thing about photographers: we love our tools. And we especially love shiny new ones. For the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to be on the alpha testing team for one of my favorite tools: Adobe Lightroom. The alpha team are the folks…  read more