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not so fast

October 18, 2019  in  About my art related posts:,

Some days I have such a strong urge to work quickly, and create as much art as possible. This often happens after a long walk, when I gathered a pile of leaves, twigs, and acorns, full of possibilities. Bursting with ideas, I just want to…  read more

Celebrating the end of winter

April 01, 2019  in  About my art related posts:

In the middle of winter, I bought my daughter some gerbera daisies to brighten up her room. But once they started to wilt, I stashed them into my studio to watch and study. I find flowers much more interesting when they are fading. The bright…  read more

Cold dense energy

March 26, 2019  in  About my art related posts:

It’s a little funny, thinking so much about ice — and its cold dense energy — while the weather outside warms and softens.


May 09, 2018  in  About my art related posts:

I often explore how one part of nature can suggest another quite distant from itself. I found this vibrant red maple leaf far inland, but I saw in it the surging energy of the ocean. By balancing its sharp details, rising like mist, with the…  read more


September 18, 2017  in  About my art related posts:

Leaves, as you might guess, are my favorite subject to work with. But every autumn I worry if I will burn out, and not be able to find anything to photograph. But every year, come October, I am inspired again and again. In this case,…  read more


July 25, 2017  in  About my art related posts:

This abstract leaf seems to be ablaze with the heat of summer.

A baby marigold

July 11, 2017  in  About my art related posts:,

Our kids gave their mother a marigold for Mother’s Day years ago, and each fall we harvest the seeds and replant them in the spring. We have now had generations of this marigold’s family living with us, and each year it amazes me again.

Time to discover

May 31, 2017  in  About my art related posts:,

This is one of those photographs that takes time to discover. I had to live with it for over a year and a half to really begin to see its potential. Always on the verge of throwing it away, something kept encouraging me to hang…  read more

Autumn colors

October 14, 2016  in  About my art related posts:,

Fall is here, which means more leaves to collect and work with! I have started a new art project this month, exploring the colors of autumn. A lot of my recent new work worked with very neutral colors and tones, so it is refreshing to…  read more

new art celebrates the colors and energy of spring

May 18, 2016  in  About my art related posts:

See my new art collection celebrating spring. Spring in the northeast is an explosion of delicate, temporary color. Flowers like the forsythia, or blooms on a crabapple tree, come for a very brief but intense time. Suddenly, the world is full of color. And a…  read more

an interplay of form and texture

February 24, 2016  in  About my art related posts:

The seed pods from maple trees are a favorite subject of mine to photograph. This is partly because they contain a wonderful interplay with form and texture: the sleek, aerodynamic shape of the seed, combined with its intricate, vein-like texture. But honestly, my love of…  read more

scorpion from a leaf

May 13, 2015  in  About my art related posts:

I was photographing this leaf, peering through the camera and playing my music loud, when I nearly jumped out of my skin. While exploring the leaf’s shape, this curled tip came into view, and looked so much like a scorpion’s stinger I leapt back from…  read more

Sea lavender

October 16, 2014  in  About my art related posts:

Every summer, we vacation down the shore in Cape May. It is a beautiful area, with wide beaches, Victorian homes, and plenty of activities for the kids. We recently started going on bird watching trips along the salt marshes that line the short. This past…  read more

Spectrum – an abstract of a leaf

January 25, 2013  in  About my art related posts:

This leaf is a tiny thing, no bigger than my thumbnail, and would have been very easy to overlook. But its vibrant colors caught my eye, in spite of its size. I wanted this photograph to celebrate this small but rich spectrum of color, glowing…  read more

Adrift – an abstract of a leaf

December 12, 2012  in  About my art related posts:

Purchase a print of Adrift. This is another perspective on that ugly leaf I found at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. This one has a wistful feeling of a scarf caught in the bitter winter wind.

Langour - an abstract of a leaf by Daniel Sroka

Languor – an abstract of a leaf

November 26, 2012  in  About my art related posts:

I collected this leaf while visiting the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx with my family last month. The leaf appears to have been blown about the garden for some time: it is dried, beat-up, and frankly, rather ugly. I didn’t hold out much…  read more

new art on my site

new photographs for the summer

July 13, 2011  in  News related posts:

I have just added many new photographs to my site. This new art includes some playful abstractions of plants I found while walking at a local nature preserve. I also created a series of very abstract and ethereal photographs of the seeds from a maple…  read more

the twists and turns of a vine

June 02, 2011  in  About my art related posts:

The past couple of days I have been working with a tiny fragment of wild vine that I found last fall, walking in the Great Swamp with my family. It’s only about an inch in size, but its twists and curls are proving to be…  read more

New art by Daniel Sroka

New photographs added to my site

October 14, 2010  in  About my art related posts:

I just added a number of new photographs to my website, including many that I created from the beautifully unique and complex desert plants I found during my stay at the Miraval Resort in Tucson. In this new collection are photographs of my favorite subject,…  read more

new botanical abstracts by Daniel Sroka

new photographs added to my site

March 30, 2010  in  About my art related posts:

I have just added a whole bunch of new photographs to my website that I’ve been working on for the past six months. These new photographs include abstract photographs of bark, tulips, and — my favorite subject — fallen leaves. If you’ve been following this…  read more

my favorite photographs of 2009

December 31, 2009  in  News related posts:

The end of the year, a time for reflection. Although it was a busy year, I managed to create a number of photographs I am very proud of. Photographs that remain pinned to my wall months after I have finished creating them. Furnace I (abstract…  read more

I’ve added new photographs to my site

October 29, 2009  in  News related posts:

I just emailed my autumn newsletter, in which I announced the newest photographs added to my website. These are photographs that I created over the summer, including abstract photographs of fallen leaves, sunflowers and dahlias. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve already seen most…  read more

new photographs added to my site

July 15, 2009  in  About my art related posts:

I have added 20 new photographs to my website, including abstract photographs of ice, bark, sunflowers and pine needles. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve seen a lot of these already in my Works in Progress, but some are completely new. I’d be honored…  read more

A new abstract of a leaf: Dragon

June 05, 2009  in  About my art related posts:

I’ve been working on my art each day for the past couple weeks, working my way through a collection of leaves, seeds, and acorns from last fall, trying to find one that captured my imagination. While most days yielded little progress, I kept at it,…  read more

Work in progress: more views of a sunflower

April 24, 2009  in  About my art related posts:

Today I continued my third day photographing this single sunflower. It’s amazing how deeply you can get drawn into such as simple object. The more I worked with it, the more I wanted to continue exploring. What surprised me most about this work was how…  read more

Exploring a sunflower

April 23, 2009  in  About my art related posts:

Last weekend, my son and I found some sunflowers at Trader Joe’s. They looked so droopy I didn’t hold out much hope for them. But we bought them anyway, and were amazed at how much they bloomed once we got them in water. This photograph…  read more

Work in progress: Glass slipper

December 08, 2008  in  About my art related posts:

This past week I’ve been working on a backlog of photographs I had taken throughout the year, but never got around to editing. One batch in particular was from a photo shoot I did of ice formations. We had just had several days of unstable…  read more

maple tree seed

October 01, 2008  in  About my art related posts:

After a very busy September, full of print schedules and marketing plans, I finally got to spend some time in the studio shooting new photographs. I’ve been able to spend large parts of the past few days shooting, and am pleasantly surprised at how quickly…  read more

Volcano (abstract of bark) ©Daniel Sroka

Volcano – abstraction of peeling bark

June 09, 2008  in  About my art related posts:,

I’ve spent the last few days continuing to work on a piece of peeling bark I found in my yard this winter. I pretty pleased with the direction it’s been taking. The first few photographs were visually interesting, but as I’ve worked on it, a…  read more

Wave ©Daniel Sroka

Wave (fallen leaf)

December 21, 2007  in  About my art related posts:

My latest work-in-progress is a photograph of a fallen leaf, that has curled nearly in half, and then bowed again in opposite direction, like a fortune cookie. The past few months have been very productive for me, and I really feel like I am making…  read more