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A baby marigold

July 11, 2017  in  About my art related posts:,

Our kids gave their mother a marigold for Mother’s Day years ago, and each fall we harvest the seeds and replant them in the spring. We have now had generations of this marigold’s family living with us, and each year it amazes me again.

Paradigm – an abstraction of a leaf

September 11, 2014  in  About my art related posts:

My son issued me an artistic challenge today. While waiting for the bus, he picked up a leaf for me to photograph. When I asked him what he saw in it, he said “the leaves you photograph are so complicated. But I like this one…  read more

leaves found by my children

August 12, 2014  in  About my art related posts:

Many of my photographs are created from things my children find for me. One morning, we were sitting on our front steps, waiting for their bus to summer camp. Even though it was early, the day was already starting to heat up with a dry…  read more

Vision, an abstraction of a fallen leaf ©Daniel Sroka

Insight – an abstraction of a fallen leaf

September 26, 2011  in  About my art related posts:

Finding the image that is hidden within one of my leaves usually takes a lot of time and exploration. But this one came to me almost immediately. I found this leaf as I was waiting with my kids for their school bus. They are now…  read more

All of my equipment packed up and ready to go.

getting ready for my artist in residence

July 01, 2010  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

Next week I’ll be heading off to Tucson, to be part of the Miraval Resort’s artist-in-residence program. The past few weeks have been a scramble, a rush of planning and preparation. It’s always surprising how much work goes into participating in an event like this!…  read more

a new abstract of a fallen leaf

July 09, 2009  in  About my art related posts:,

A couple days ago, I was picking up my son from camp. As we walked back to the car, I pointed out to him all of these little leaves that littered the sidewalk. My son stopped, picked one up, and handed it to me. What…  read more

Making art every day

June 05, 2009  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

It has now been around ten days that I have been trying to make some art every day. And so far, it has been a success: you can follow my progress on Twitter. A lot of other artists on Twitter are also trying to get…  read more

An hour of art a day

May 19, 2009  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

There is a factoid that contrary to popular opinion, an artist will only spend 20% of their time actually making art, that the rest of their time is spent running their art business. For me, juggling my ketubah business alongside my oh-so-slow-growing fine art photography…  read more

the leaf hunt

December 03, 2008  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

As autumn gives way to winter, my ketubah business tends to slow down, and I find more time to spend working in the studio. Autumn is a important time for me: to collect things to photograph, to search for new ideas and inspiration. My son…  read more

An artist’s obligation

January 18, 2008  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

“An artist’s obligation is to create and support his loved ones.” — Yuri Gevorgian Yuroz Amen. Seriously, what else matters? It is too easy to get hung up on unimportant matters. I know that when my nose is to the grindstone, and I’m cranking out…  read more

hungry for your art

October 17, 2007  in  Art as a profession related posts:, ,

What makes you hungry to make art? What conditions do you need to to be in to find enough fuel to fire your creativity? In his blog today, Wil Wheaton describes a friend of his who quit his well-paying job to start acting: …he said…  read more

a benefit of working from home

a benefit of working from home

September 24, 2007  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

Working from home can be tough. Working for yourself can be tougher. It’s hard not having an infrastructure to work within, guidelines that help you know what’s expected of you. It’s tough not having any co-workers, people to chat with, work with, and use as…  read more

balancing life as an artist and parent

My art group was recently talking about how having kids impact your art career, and Cynthia described it really well: “It requires discipline and a letting go of whatever idea that you have in your head about what being an artist is all about.” Trying…  read more

Crown Vetch ©Daniel Sroka

a beautiful weed

June 11, 2007  in  About my art related posts:,

My three-year old son present this flower to my wife as a present. It was such a sweet thing to do, I had to try to preserve it through a photograph. Looking it up online, I found that it is a crown-vetch, a plant often…  read more

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

March 02, 2007  in  Art as a profession related posts:,

Today is the birthday of Ted Geisel, Dr. Seuss. As an artist, he is one of my heroes. When people ask me which artists I have been influenced by, I look to people like Ted Geisel and Charles Schulz. Geisel was man who combined dizzying…  read more

Jackson’s first digital drawing

February 13, 2006  in  Art as a profession related posts:

Jackson, who’s 20 months old, often visits me in my studio during the day. Usually it is to play with my spinning chairs, or crawl under the shooting table. Lately, he’s loved sitting on my lap and playing with the various pens and pencils I…  read more