Selected for Typologies Group Show

by     /    November 10, 2008   

Three of my “Fallen Leaf” abstracts have been selected to be part of the group show Typologies in the current issue of Fraction Magazine.

Daniel Sroka in Typologies Group Show

A typology is “the study or systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common” (link) — I believe that my leaf abstracts fit this description nicely. It’s a very interesting collection of work, showing collections of power lines, people, newstands, and more — be sure to check it out.

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Comments on 'Selected for Typologies Group Show'

Jean Levert Hood  (November 10th, 2008):

Wonderful for you, Daniel! Congratulations!

Kesha  (November 11th, 2008):

Dan—this is too cool! Congrats.

Genie  (November 12th, 2008):

I love the spiral shaped one in the center–but then I’ve always been drawn to that shape.

Hm, typologies, interesting! Congrats on having three of your pieces selected for Typologies! Your work can definitely beat a series of pods any day.

seth  (November 12th, 2008):

Congratulations on having the photographs selected.They are beautiful images.

Paul Grecian  (November 13th, 2008):

Very Cool! Some interesting work all around. Congrats.

Anna Chipman  (November 14th, 2008):

These images are beautiful and congratulations on being selected for this show! Each image is beautiful and gives them a different feeling when they are all grouped together. Congrats again!

Mark  (November 16th, 2008):

It is amazing the synergies that can be created by grouping images like this together. Well done!

cynthia  (November 24th, 2008):