my favorite photographs of 2009

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The end of the year, a time for reflection. Although it was a busy year, I managed to create a number of photographs I am very proud of. Photographs that remain pinned to my wall months after I have finished creating them.

Furnace 1 (sunflower abstract) ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Furnace I (abstract of a sunflower): Sunflowers were in abundance at our farmers’ market this year, and I ended up creating a lot of photographs of them. This is my favorite: one of the first ones I made that broke through the typical “sunflowerness” and expressed some of the fluid energy within.

Dragon (an abstract of a fallen leaf) by Daniel Sroka ©2009

Dragon (abstract of a fallen leaf): This photograph was a surprise: after working with the leaf all day, this character of the Dragon just leap out at me. The wings, the curling tail, the scales.

Recline 1 (abstract of a fallen leaf) ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Recline 1 (abstract of a fallen leaf): This is a deceptively simple photograph. With just a small edge in focus, the photograph concentrates on the soft curves of the leaf. The gently motion of the form suggests the back of a woman lying on her side, propped up on one elbow.

Unravel (abstract of a fallen leaf) ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Unravel (abstract of a fallen leaf): I believe that this is my favorite. This was a tiny leaf, no larger than my thumbnail, that my son found for me. While still green, it had dried into a tight curl along one end. I focused my attention on the edge of that curl, allowing the rest of the leaf to spiral away into the background.

These are just a few of the new photographs I created this year. A year of emotional stress economic challenges, and yet, new discoveries. A year of professional challenges that helped me refocus my energy, and map out new directions. Here’s to the new year — I wish you all the best for 2010. Na Zdrovye!

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Comments on 'my favorite photographs of 2009'

Roberta  (January 2nd, 2010):

I like all these images, but especially the 2nd one. I like the textures and depth. Best wishes for 2010 Daniel!

Lukrecja  (January 4th, 2010):

the scend ist excellent

Mark  (January 10th, 2010):

The dragon is quite beautiful Dan. Could easily be one of my favorites of yours as well.

Stacey Z  (January 11th, 2010):

I really love the Furnace I photograph. Very powerful. Sunflowers are one of my favorites…

Len  (February 15th, 2010):

“Let us make man in our image” (creator)
Red Sky is amazing.

shell  (May 22nd, 2010):

Loving the image “unravel” – Just enough focus.