Accepted into Artful Home

by     /    January 07, 2009   

Hey, some good news to start off the new year. My photography has been accepted into Artful Home (née The Guild). Artful Home is a high-end gallery, with a pretty tough jury. I’ve wanted to be part of Artful Home for several years now, and finally got accepted after applying three separate times. Goes to show you it’s worth pushing for your goals, even after you fail a couple times!

Not only do they have a great collection of art, they do a great job of giving the art buyer a beautiful and enjoyable experience. I’ve been advertising in their Sourcebook for several years, and have gotten some great contacts through it. I’m pretty psyched to finally be there, among such talented company.

Old Tree ©Daniel Sroka

Old Tree (abstraction of a broken stick). 15″x12″. Normally $300. On sale $240.

My work is not online yet (still need to get it all organized), but I do have several photographs in their Studio Sale for 20% off my regular prices. The sale goes until January 20, so be sure to drop by and check it out.

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Comments on 'Accepted into Artful Home'

FormFire Glassworks  (January 7th, 2009):

Congrats Daniel!!! So glad to know that talent plus persistence pays off!

Kim Hambric  (January 7th, 2009):

Congratulations! What a fantastic way to start your year. Hope the rest of the year goes as well for you.

Tricia McKellar  (January 7th, 2009):

Congratulations Daniel! What changed with your applications? Did your portfolio change?

Paul Grecian  (January 7th, 2009):

Good deal man, nice work on their site. I wish you the best with them.

Daniel Sroka  (January 8th, 2009):

Tricia: I’m always shifting my portfolio, as my work changes, and trying to fit the work to the specific market I’m approaching.

Jean Levert Hood  (January 8th, 2009):

Awesome, Daniel! May this be just the start of great things coming your way in 2009!

Seth  (January 9th, 2009):

Congratulations Daniel. Perfect start to 2009!

paula  (January 14th, 2009):

great!!!! big congrats for trying and trying and succeeding

jenn  (January 19th, 2009):

Congratsulations! Looks like a beautiful place to be seen!