Work in progress: exploring a sunflower

by     /    April 23, 2009   

Last weekend, my son and I found some sunflowers at Trader Joe’s. They looked so droopy I didn’t hold out much hope for them. But we bought them anyway, and were amazed at how much they bloomed once we got them in water.

Sunflower ©2009 Daniel Sroka

This photograph is just one of the first studies I’ve done. My hope is to create a photograph that feels like a sunflower, not just looks like one. My challenge with these flowers has been their intense yellow/orange color. It is so bright and saturated, it blows away my camera sensor, making it extremely hard to capture.

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Comments on 'Work in progress: exploring a sunflower'

Jean Levert Hood  (April 23rd, 2009):

Well I sure like the 1st study, Daniel! Beautiful. That tiny touch of blue at the top really is nice with the yellow orange. I’ll wait for more!

Angela Rockett  (April 24th, 2009):

This is such a beautiful photograph! You’re well on your way to achieving your goal of capturing the essence of the sunflower.