Languor – an abstract of a leaf

by     /    November 26, 2012   

Langour - an abstract of a leaf by Daniel Sroka

I collected this leaf while visiting the Bronx Botanical Gardens with my family last month. The leaf appears to have been blown about the garden for some time: it is dried, beat-up, and frankly, rather ugly. I didn’t hold out much hope for it, but something about it intrigued me. When I began to photograph it, I was rather surprised at the soft, sensual sense of motion it revealed. It has the languid energy of a slow long stretch, or a curl of smoke rising in the still air.

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Comments on 'Languor – an abstract of a leaf'

Jean Levert Hood  (November 26th, 2012):

What incredible beauty you reveal to us!

Maryann Didriksen  (December 7th, 2012):

Stunning Image and beautiful blog.