golden egg – three abstractions of a leaf

by     /    July 06, 2011   

For the past couple of weeks I have been editing all of the photographs I have taken since early spring, boiling down hundreds of photographs to a small, focused collection of new work. This editing process is exhausting work, so I decided to take a break and share a few of my new photographs.

abstraction of a leaf ©Daniel Sroka

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abstraction of a leaf ©Daniel Sroka

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abstraction of a leaf ©Daniel Sroka

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These three photographs are portraits of the same small leaf, which I found walking in the Great Swamp with my family last fall. I am especially happy with these because they were such surprises — I had nearly trashed them, several times, but something kept calling me back. And after a ton of work, I began to see what I felt was under the surface the whole time.

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Comments on 'golden egg – three abstractions of a leaf'

Mark  (July 6th, 2011):

These are all excellent! Nice work as usual.

Jackson  (July 20th, 2011):

Dear Dad,
Your art is awesome. I love you!


p:s Happy birthday.

Jason Fonceca  (September 18th, 2011):

Absolutely fantastic. LOVE these photos, and so glad I came across them. Also very, very cool that you use the art of coding, to hand-craft this website. Rock on Daniel!