3 variations on a shell

by     /    March 06, 2013   

I must be getting tired of winter, because once again I find myself photographing shells my family collected last summer in Cape May, New Jersey. These three photographs are all of the same shell. I am experimenting with focusing on different details and texture, trying to express multiple moods from the same source.

Variation 1 - the spiral

Variation 1 – deep into the spiral. Purchase a print

Variation 2 - the container

Variation 2 – open and aware. Purchase a print

Variation 3 - the sweeping motion

Variation 3 – sweeping motion. Purchase a print

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Comments on '3 variations on a shell'

Ansie du Toit  (March 7th, 2013):

I like the bright white background. These 3 will look good framed together.