New Art

These are some of the photographs that I am currently working on.

More colors of autumn

A little over a week ago, the first leaves began to turn color. And today, a chilled rain is knocking the last of the leaves from the trees. What a…  read more

October 27, 2016    


Autumn colors

Fall is here, which means more leaves to collect and work with! I have started a new art project this month, exploring the colors of autumn. A lot of my…  read more

October 14, 2016    

new art celebrates the colors and energy of spring

See my new art collection celebrating spring. Spring in the northeast is an explosion of delicate, temporary color. Flowers like the forsythia, or blooms on a crabapple tree, come for…  read more

May 18, 2016    

an interplay of form and texture

The seed pods from maple trees are a favorite subject of mine to photograph. This is partly because they contain a wonderful interplay with form and texture: the sleek, aerodynamic…  read more

February 24, 2016    

more abstractions of melting ice

This is a continuation of a series of photographs I took last winter. I took these after one of our nasty nor’easters back in February, after the storm finally passed…  read more

August 20, 2015    

daniel sroka leaf2015-07b

variations on a summer leaf

I have been working for several days with this single leaf that I found. It’s the middle of summer, hot and dry, and the trees are starting to give up…  read more

August 06, 2015    

inspirit – abstracts of a leaf

Even the stillness of a fallen leaf contains motion, energy, and life. The shapes and patterns that emerge as it dries form a portrait of its life: the movement of…  read more

June 24, 2015    

scorpion from a leaf

I was photographing this leaf, peering through the camera and playing my music loud, when I nearly jumped out of my skin. While exploring the leaf’s shape, this curled tip…  read more

May 13, 2015    

abstractions of melting ice

With winter finally gone (fingers crossed), I feel safe to share a few of my latest melting ice abstractions. I took these after one of our nasty nor’easters back in…  read more

March 31, 2015    

Disclosure – abstract photographs of peeling bark

I have spent a lot of time over the past month reviewing old photographs. These are photographs I created, but then for some reason, never made public. Often I simply…  read more

January 08, 2015    

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Sea lavender

Every summer, we vacation down the shore in Cape May. It is a beautiful area, with wide beaches, Victorian homes, and plenty of activities for the kids. We recently started…  read more

October 16, 2014    


Paradigm – an abstraction of a leaf

My son issued me an artistic challenge today. While waiting for the bus, he picked up a leaf for me to photograph. When I asked him what he saw in…  read more

September 11, 2014    

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leaves found by my children

Many of my photographs are created from things my children find for me. One morning, we were sitting on our front steps, waiting for their bus to summer camp. Even…  read more

August 12, 2014    

abstracts of a calla lily

Last year, my kids gave a bouquet of calla lilies to my wife on Mother’s Day, so I created a series of photograph to make their present last a little…  read more

July 17, 2014    


another leaf caught in an updraft

This photograph is a companion to the previous one I shared with you. Created from the same leaf, it continues the feeling of a leaf being carried away by a…  read more

May 30, 2014    

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