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inspiration in the common and overlooked

Persistent – an abstract photograph of a fallen leaf. My abstract photographs explore our personal relationship with the natural world we experience everyday. I find my inspiration in…

finding an ocean in a patch of ice

Ocean Storm – an abstract photograph of melting ice. Every year, there is one or two precious days were conditions are just right for beautiful ice sculptures to…

Celebrating the end of winter

In the middle of winter, I bought my daughter some gerbera daisies to brighten up her room. But once they started to wilt, I stashed them into my…

Cold dense energy

It’s a little funny, thinking so much about ice — and its cold dense energy — while the weather outside warms and softens.

More melting ice

The day after I went outside to photograph the ice on my deck, the temperatures rose, and everything melted away. Since then, I’ve been working through the hundreds…

Melting ice

Every year, there is one or two precious days were conditions are just right for these beautiful ice sculptures to form outside my kitchen. The snow first piles…


I often explore how one part of nature can suggest another quite distant from itself. I found this vibrant red maple leaf far inland, but I saw in…

some leaves of autumn 2018

Autumn is my busiest time for creating new art. My days are a cycle of collecting leaves as they fall, studying them in my studio, then photographing them….


Leaves, as you might guess, are my favorite subject to work with. But every autumn I worry if I will burn out, and not be able to find…


This abstract leaf seems to be ablaze with the heat of summer.

A baby marigold

Our kids gave their mother a marigold for Mother’s Day years ago, and each fall we harvest the seeds and replant them in the spring.

Time to discover

This is one of those photographs that takes time to discover. I had to live with it for over a year and a half to really begin to…

Coaxing spring to last

In our yard we have crabapple trees and forsythia bushes. For one week each spring, they burst out into colors that are bright, energetic and full of life….

More colors of autumn

A little over a week ago, the first leaves began to turn color. And today, a chilled rain is knocking the last of the leaves from the trees….

Autumn colors

Fall is here, which means more leaves to collect and work with! I have started a new art project this month, exploring the colors of autumn. A lot…