Selling prints of my works-in-progress

December 06, 2007  in  Archived       Related posts:  

Making art is a long and involved process, even in photography. People are often surprised at how much work I put into each photograph! You might think it just takes a click of the shutter, but that’s just the beginning. Each of my photographs represents days or weeks of careful work, coaxing the image I want out of the raw data provided by nature. This year I started posting these works-in-progress to my blog. This not only gives you a sneak preview of what’s going on in my studio, I think it helps me make better art. I have found that posting a photograph requires an act of commitment to the piece, forcing me to stop ‘playing’ and start to make some tough creative decisions. It opens up what is normally a very private activity, which forces me to get tough on myself and work harder.

To push myself even farther, I’ve decided to make these works-in-progress available as fine art prints. Why? Well, after I post a photograph to my blog, people often ask me if they can buy a print. However, I usually say no, feeling these photographs aren’t yet ready, and wanting to nurture them for just a little longer. But I realized that instead of nurturing them, I was actually being over-protective. By hanging onto them and hoarding them for myself, I was avoiding ever having to finish them. So I decided that I needed to make another act of commitment to my art, and offer my works-in-progress for sale. By offering these prints, I will be encouraging myself to work harder and better, knowing that my photographs are now longer chicks in my nest, but are fledglings ready to take off on their own. I think this also gives collectors a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain, and watch the stages of a photograph being created.

So here’s the plan: I’m offering my work-in-progress prints as 5×7 prints for $35. This is a $30 discount from my usual price of $65 for a 5×7 print. You’ll receive a fine print of the photograph as it currently exists; at whatever stage of editing it is at when your order comes in. And when I finish the photograph, and you’ll be able to ‘upgrade’ to the final print for only $30. See the details here.

See all of my work-in-progress prints.