and also boundless and trunkt

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Daniel Sroka on Trunk

I’m on a bit of a roll. After successfully setting up my Etsy store, I decided to create galleries on two other sites I respect: Boundless Gallery and Trunkt. There are a lot of opportunities online for artists to display their works, but these two sites have always impressed me. They both put the art and the artist in the forefront, while providing interesting and useful ways for buyers to discover new works of art. And the quality of the art that these sites show is impressive — it is good to be in the company of these artists. I’ve been meaning to do this sort of multi-site promotion of my art for a long time, so I’m glad I finally got it started. The more places you show your work, the more people see it, and (hopefully, eventually) buy it.

My online galleries now include: Etsy, Trunkt, Boundless Gallery, Modern Ketubah (my ketubah designs based on my photography), and of course, my own site.