spring cleaning

I have been working diligently for the past month on improving my website, making sure that all of the photographs I show on my site are ones I am proud of. I started doing this when an art buyer inquired about one of my photos, and the one she picked was one I was a little surprised I had online. The photograph was ok, but not one I’d consider selling. I realized that when I updated my site last year, I had picked a few photos at random to test the design, and, well… forgot to replace some of them. Argh!

But from stupid mistakes come great opportunities. (Didn’t Ben Franklin say that? No? He should have.) I decided to go through every photograph on my site, and not only make sure it was good, but make sure it was the best it could be. A big task unto itself. But when I started, I quickly discovered some annoying organizational flaws in my photo library. I realized that before I could review my photos, I needed to be able to find them. So I had to buckle down and clean up my library — a task I’ve been putting off for a long time. Sigh. (For you asset management geeks out there: I had some photographs stored in iView catalogs, and others in Lightroom. I decided to take this opportunity to finally move everything into Lightroom. Maybe I’ll do another post on this experience.)

Four weeks later, and it’s finally done. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I am glad I did it. Like all good spring cleaning, what started out as an annoying chore ended up being a good experience. I got my photo library in order. I was able to remove a lot of the clutter in my photo library, getting rid of images that I knew weren’t any good, but held on to for nostalgic reasons. I discovered new photographs that I had taken a while ago, but forgotten all about. And best of all, I ended up working on and improving a significant number of my favorite photographs. It’s a good way to start the spring, and a nice foundation to begin my big goal for 2008: getting these photographs in front of buyers. Stay tuned.


congrats dan, big undertaking which looks like a winner…i like the updated site. (the acorn photo where its all golden and vortex glowy inside is stunning).
the photo in this post is very angelic/ivory/bonelike. great stuff!
happy spring

Daniel, if you ever need something to blog about, I’d love to hear a bit about your process. I’m not a photographer and I always thought that a photographer’s job was mostly complete after capturing the perfect shot, so when you talk about working on a photo, I’d like to know how you do that. Do you feel that there is a point where you need to stop or lose the integrity of the original?

Angela, that’s a good idea, I’ll have to write about it. There are many different ways to approach photography. Some photographers work like you described, trying to capture the shot perfectly in the camera. I approach photography more like a painter. More interpretive and emotional. The photograph is simply the palette I work from. Unlike most photographers, I don’t try to capture an objective image of reality, which I believe is impossible. Instead, I try to capture the subjective “reality” I experienced as I looked through the camera.

I’ll try to think of this some more and blog about it later.

Thanks for your compliments everyone!

“I realized that before I could review my photos, I needed to be able to find them.”

Yesterday I spent 5 hours cleaning and re-arranging my hard-drives. And now you tell me it’s taken you a month to finish your website improvements and rearranging? Swell!

I _might_ finish mine by the time my grandkids are in college.


Congratulations, Dan! You’ve accomplished a huge undertaking. I’m trying to pick up some of your organizational skills so I can get at my digital files too.

I love the updated photos! I love the new orange rose. You create such beautiful work and I love when the new photos come up. Its very inspiring.

I as well need to update both my website as well as organizing everything. Start on the project and then something more interesting comes along…gotta stop doing that!

Thanks again for the inspiration.

Sometimes I find it hard deciding whether to put up images that I really love myself versus the ones that I think someone else may like or have a need for, but I may not hold above the others. I think you have a very well edited image collection. I may have to do some spring cleaning myself.