Nikon announces best micro photos

Nikon just announced the winners of their “Best Microscopic Images of 2008” competition. I love and am fascinated by micro photography, but often it can look too… clinical and scientific. This year however, wow, there are some beautiful works of art in this group. Photographs that transcend their “micro-ness” and really contain some power and beauty. Here’s my favorite:

Deprived Amoebas by Matthew Springer

Deprived Amoebas by ©Matthew Springer/University of California, San Francisco

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  1. These little guys look like penguins engaged in a mating dance! I wonder if you’ve seen the scientific imagery done by Felice Frankel of Harvard U. Some of it is micro, some macro, and quite stunning. There’s an NYT article and accompanying slideshow with Frankel discussing her work here:


  2. The images are quite nice. This was one of the first forms of photography I tried when a kid. I had a microscope with a 126 Film adaptor, it was fun. Not very expensive to do either. Ever get tempted Dan?

  3. Paul – yes, I am always tempted to explore microphotography. One of these days I may have to block out a month and just play with it!

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