making it better, part 2

April 11, 2008  in  Art as a profession       Related posts:  

I wanted to show an alterate version of the photograph of the Japanese maple leaf I had in my last post. This version shares the same balance between colors, and between sharp and soft focus. But in this one, the sharpness falls on the center of the leaf and the stem instead of the outside edge. While I prefer the other version, this one does have a good feel about it.

Sunlight 2 (photograph of a Japanese Maple Leaf) by Daniel Sroka ©2008

These photographs are from a small tree in the back yard of our old house. While I do most of my photography in the studio, this was a ‘safari’ shot, handheld in the wild, as the wind blew through the leaves. It required some degree of patience, since the leaves never sit still in the breeze! I just stood there, swaying a little to match the movement of the tree, staring through the lens, and waiting for the right moment. This style of photography is part planning, and a lot chance. It can produce some great work, although it is very tough on your back! (Zak, the lens I used was my just trusty ol’ 105mm macro. No PC lens, extension tube, etc.)