macro photography ain’t for whiners

Macro Photography Ain't For Whiners

Anyone who does macro photography knows that it can be a pretty physical experience. A long photo shoot can really take a toll on your body. Leaning over your camera makes your back hurt in new and unexpected places. Your eyes quickly feel the strain from constantly squinting through the viewfinder at very very tiny objects. And your arms and legs begin to vibrate ever so slightly from trying to force them to keep still, since the slightest movement will knock your focus way off. After some shoots, I feel like I’ve just gotten back from a workout at the gym. (Hey, wouldn’t it be great if photography kept you fit… interesting.) So after reading Paul’s comments about the strain from his last shoot, on a lark I decided that we macro photographers needed our own T-shirt. Something that let the rest of the world know what we went through to bring some art into their lives. (All tongue-in-cheek, of course.) If you like it, I’ll try to make some more.

Click here to buy this Macro Photography T-Shirt for $19.99


I hate to admit the number of times where I almost thought I was stuck in some precarious position – calculating how long it might take for someone to find me if I just remained there.

How about a ‘Stretching for Macro Photographers” exercise video?

Mark’s right, we need a macro photog’s yoga video. Dan……?

The shirts are great! Any chance of some graphic element to go with the wordage?

Hey what do you think of a “I’ve macro-focused and I can’t get up”! shirt?

This was fun to do. It brings me back to when I was a graphic designer working for tech companies — techies love their T-shirts.

I have some other ideas, but it’s too bad that Cafe Press only allows you to have one artwork per product, unless you pay a monthly fee. Maybe Red Bubble would be better.

Yoga with cameras — too funny! To increase the workout, just add extension tubes. 🙂

I like this shirt. I have really been noticing that my body isn’t very happy with me when I end a session (usually that means getting up off the floor). I don’t notice it so much while taking pictures because of the adrenaline (if it’s going well). And my wife says I’m always whining, so maybe I do need this shirt. I like your images.

Dan, that shirt is hilarious. Maybe when you start your fashion line, you can ask mark to license you his “I’ve macro-focused and I can’t get up”! cuz that made me die laughing too.

Yoga with cameras—good stuff.