gotta love the internet

Gotta love this internet. I am constantly amazed at the positive impact it has on my life. From a business perspective, the internet is what lets me make a living from my art. Without it, it just wouldn’t be possible in the same way. And from a social perspective, I am constantly being surprised how the internet makes the world seem smaller and smaller. Here’s an example:

This week I found a link to my site by Zack, a photographer living in Japan. He linked to me because he’s trying some macro photography in the same vein as mine. But his blog was a great find for me because I had lived in Japan as well, years ago, and his photographs wonderfully capture the spirit of living there. But wait, there’s more! In the comments on his blog was a note by Jeffrey, another photographer living in Japan. He saw Zack’s link to me and remembered the we had worked together back at Yahoo!. Turns out Jeff is also a photographer, something we never knew about each other back when we worked in Silicon Valley. It’s just amazing how the internet can weave these complex connections out of thin air.

Here are a couple samples of Zack and Jeffrey’s work. Their photographs make me feel like I am once again in Japan.


©Jeffrey Freidl
©Jeffrey Freidl

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  1. I love hearing things like this. too cool!
    I agree with you, without the internet I would have never made it this far in my art journey.
    glad to see some of their work.

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