Autumn is here

Leaves and acorns I collected on a recent autumn walk ┬ęDaniel Sroka

Autumn is here. In my opinion, the best time of the year. The weather was perched on the edge for a long time, unsure if summer was over, but it finally made the plunge. Trees began dropping leaves like a dog shaking off his fleas. Acorns are raining down like hailstones. And every evening brings the ever-increasing threat of frost. I love it. This is the time I build up my collection of stuff to photograph all winter long. Each time my wife and I go for a walk (with our relunctant dog), I stuff my pockets full of curled up leaves, broken twigs, and acorns clusters. My eyes are constantly scanning the ground as we walk. Once I get in my zone, it’s tough to get out of it, which can make it hard to walk. Every few feet, my eyes catch a glimpse of something with promise. But I have to be harsh. I try to only pick up the most interesting things, and even still toss most of them. If I didn’t control myself, I’d end up with bucket loads, and we’d never get anywhere. My studio already has that slightly sweet, earthy smell of drying leaves. Soon, my ketubah business will slow down for the season, leaving me with more time to photograph. I can’t wait. Did I mention, I love this time of the year?


I don’t think many photographers will argue against the energy in the air during autumn. It is a contagious energy. I look forward to it each year also.

What, a dog reluctant to go for a walk? I’m pretty sure mine would sell her soul to do so – unless it involves a drive in the car. She used to get car sick and we had to give her Dramamine.

I love this time of the year too – gorgeous colors, crisp air and the feeling that change is imminent.

Your internet connection post (below) is also cool – so serendipitous. I would love to live in Asia for awhile. To live in a different culture, to hear a new language. My husband is currently looking at teaching overseas which I would love. Only if we went to Japan, Korea or China, I would want to study with a pottery master – a living legend – and not have to “work” per se.

What a delightful handful! Even here in Texas, Autumn is in the air, and it is my favorite time to paint outside. The air is clear and the colors just must be captured! Can’t wait to see your new photos.