An interview with… me!

A couple weeks ago, I received an nice surprise: an email from Positive Focus asking to do an interview about my photography. Positive Focus is a great nonprofit organization for “emerging photoartists” based in Brooklyn, and every month they have an interview with one of their members. It was a very interesting process answering specific questions about my art: what my influences are, what I am trying to accomplish with it, what my methods are. Talking with someone else about your art is always a great way to learn more about it yourself (as Alyson always says). Thanks again to Susan at Positive Focus for all of her time.

You can find the interview in the Photographer Focus section of their home page. Or since their site uses frames (bleh!), you can click here to get right to the interview.


Congrats on the interview Dan! I think that’s so true about having to articulate responses to an interview or similar being a good way to find out more about yourself and work. If you’re anything like me, I have ongoing dialogues in my head that I understand, but find hard to put into words.