My artwork at the Miraval Resort

This fall, the prestigious Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa in Tucson chose a number of my botanical abstracts to grace the lobby of their spa.

Daniel Sroka's botanical abstracts at the Miraval Arizon Resort and Spa

I am very excited about this installation, because I believe it is a perfect match between an environment and my art. My botanical abstracts helps the spa create a calm and contemplative space where people can disconnect from the artificial world, and reconnect with the real. My use of abstraction in my photographs helps people leave behind the literal world, and quiety contemplate the more subtle beauty that surrounds them.

Daniel Sroka's botanical abstracts at the Miraval Arizon Resort and Spa

Daniel Sroka's botanical abstracts at the Miraval Arizon Resort and Spa

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  1. dan you should be very excited, I am so happy for you!
    the pieces all look so soothing and professional especially the ones above the fountains ~ not sure I care for them there but I love them. This is sure to get your sales, how can people walk by this and not notice you! Great job!

  2. Daniel, that is fantastic. What a perfect place for your photos. They look great there and new viewers will see them each day.

  3. Man, they look great installed! So cool to see them in this context.

  4. This looks terrific Dan! Very, very nice. The figurine on the floor is a bit wild – but very cool! 🙂 I’d say the designer made some very good choices.

  5. Dan,

    This is just an awesome display and really showcases your work to great advantage. It’s perfect for a spa! Your work is peaceful, meditative and thought provoking.

  6. Awesome, Dan – Congratulations! I have always thought that your photographs should be in a large scale installation format.

  7. Perfect match!!! It is just great when you feel your art adds together to someone else’s dream environment too. Congratulations!

  8. beautiful beautiful photographs!

  9. Dan,

    How did you find the hotel that wanted to stock the pieces? When you work out the numbers of printing and framing and delivering the pieces, and especially if none sell, is it worth it?

  10. Rebecca, they actually found me. The general manager saw my work in a sourcebook (Guild), loved it, and contacted me through their gallery. Is it worth it? Yes, for specific opportunities. Miraval is a high-end, resort with a tradition of supporting art, so it is a great environment to be in.

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