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My grand exploration of the social web continues! I have been using Facebook more and more lately, not as a business tool, but as a way to keep in touch with my widely spread out network of friends. It has really been a blast, getting reacquainted with a long-lost school friend, learning that a former coworker is having a baby, and just being part of a community. And not some artificial online “community”, but a real community, made up of people I have worked, played and studied with.

Since I am getting reacquainted with so many people, I was thinking about how to introduce my art to my network of friends. I didn’t want to just add it to my regular Facebook profile, because I wanted some separation between my personal life and my work. I don’t want to have a potential collector or gallery who is following my work be inundated with updates about how my kids are doing at school! Likewise, I didn’t want to constantly pester my friends with work-talk.

I discovered that Facebook lets you create “pages“, separate mini-sites dedicated to a specific topic, person, or cause. So I decided to create a unique page for my photography on Facebook. People can then become “fans” of my work. This lets them see what I am up to, without me pestering them every day. It’s an interesting idea, and I am curious to see how it works out.

I invite you to check out my Facebook page, and please consider becoming a fan. Let me know if you set one up for yourself!


I have a Facebook page – however I never update it and I have very few fans. I don’t know – it seems kind of pointless to me since I have a web site that is named after me! I don’t understand a lot of these SEO things artists do – what’s a Squidoo lens and how will it help me? Really. And I’m with you on the Twitter thing. I do post my blog to my facebook page but I prefer that they visit my actual blog so all the comments are in one place.

I love facebook but I mostly use it for connecting with friends, posting pics of the kids and playing Scramble. Tried using the ads but wasn’t for me.

A lot of the SEO techniques suggested for artists are really long shots — hopes that one of these “simple” techniques will quickly and magically connect you to a big new audience. Not that they can’t work — it’s just that they usually don’t, unless you already have an audience. They are a poor substitute for the real way to build an audience: showing your work, calling galleries and buyers, sending out newsletters…. you know, marketing grunt work.

I set up the Facebook page mainly as a way to make sure that my existing set of Facebook friends knows what I am up to. Art is my second career, so as I’m reconnecting with a lot of old friends, they don’t know that I am an artist. We’ll see if it does anything. If not, at least it was easy to do!

I feel the same, it is pointless unless you are wanting to keep in touch with people. I have no one out there I need to keep in touch with on that level, I guess my blog and emails do that for me.

Having said that, it does sound like a good thing if you DO have lots of people to connect with. I did check your’s out and can see people who are clients/friends would enjoy seeing you working, see whats going on. It is more condensed and less wordy than a blog. You have done a good job with those pages. Perhaps if I ever have clients you have made me see a shimmer of light.

We have to admit it – a part of being an artist has to involve a little bit of marketing if you want your work to reach more people. Social networks are one way to reach people that might not have found you otherwise. I have also tried the facebook page ( ) and it has given my blog and site a little bit more traffic, but not significant yet. I put it up mostly as an experiment to see what happens. It doesn’t take much effort to do since I have a facebook account anyway, so I figured – what the heck.

I put together a Facebook page as well ( ). I don’t find that it is very useful (nor are ones on most of the other sites). It seems that you mostly end up with all the same people from spot to spot without generating a much wider base. I ended up on Facebook just for the Trunkt group. I did find a few people of whom I’d lost track, but it’s hard to spread yourself so thin to so many sites.

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