artist in residence

News Flash: I’ll be spending a week this summer (from July 6 – 9) being the artist-in-residence in the very swanky Miraval Resort in Tucson! My art has been displayed at the Resort for over a year now, and Miraval just introduced this program to let their guests get a deeper understanding of the art that graces the walls of their resort and spa. I’m quite excited about this opportunity! This has all been happening very quickly, so I’ll post more details as they happen.

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  1. Have fun! Are they going to allow you to get massages for free?

  2. Hi Henry: no, no free massages! But it’ll be enough fun to just be there and be able to teach and demonstrate my art.

  3. paula

    thats is fantastic!

  4. Congratulations – very exciting news!

  5. This is so awesome, Daniel!! Congratulations!

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