Art and News: Spring 2007

Spring has finally taken hold, and just this past week all of the trees suddenly decided that having leaves would be a good idea. It’s been a busy winter and spring for me. The cold and wet weather gave me a good opportunity to hole up in my studio and create new work, based on the seeds and acorns I found this past fall. I also brushed up on my PHP coding and created a new shopping cart for my site Modern Ketubah, to make ordering easier for my customers. I have to say, a spring spent both making art and geeking out is definitely a good one!

New Photography

My new photographs are based on some bark and acorns that I collected late last fall. The bark was shed by a tree in my yard that had suddenly succumbed to dutch elm disease over the summer. After the tree was removed, all that remained was a pile of wood chips and these sheets of bark that has stripped off. The acorns were found by my 3 year old son as he played at my parents’ house. Just like his father, he began pocketing things that looked interesting. But luckily I managed to swipe them before they got too crushed.

[Photograph of bark by Daniel Sroka]

[Photograph of bark by Daniel Sroka]

[Photograph of bark by Daniel Sroka]

[Photograph of acorn by Daniel Sroka]

[Photograph of acorn by Daniel Sroka]

This is a small sample of my latest work. Click on a thumbnail to see that photograph. Click here to see all of my most recent photography.

Recent Writings

My blog is my “open studio”, a place for people to see what I am working on and what I am thinking about. Here are some of my favorite posts from this past season:

News and Events

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  1. Well, it certainly looks like this winter has been a productive one.

    I really enjoy enjoy the new work, especially the acorns rescued from your son’s pockets!

  2. Hello, Daniel. I “tagged” you in a post yesterday. I hope this will make a few more people aware of your thoughtful site.

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