Work in progress: more views of a sunflower

Today I continued my third day photographing this single sunflower. It’s amazing how deeply you can get drawn into such as simple object. The more I worked with it, the more I wanted to continue exploring. What surprised me most about this work was how little it looks like it came from a sunflower. I discovered a graceful fluidity to the petals of this flower, a delicacy and feeling of animation that is contrary to its utilitarian and stiff reputation.

Sunflower 2 ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Sunflower 3 ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Sunflower 4 ©2009 Daniel Sroka

These are just a few photographs from the past few days. These are still raw works-in-progress, and will take a lot more work to get them where I feel then can go. But they give you a taste of what I’ve been working on.

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  1. daniel,
    these are gorgeous! you’re right it’s hard to believe they are from a sunflower…they seem so soft/supple, not rigid like i think of sunflowers. bellissima!

  2. All 3 look great but I really like where the 3rd one is going.

  3. Stephen: I spend most of today on that third one. I think I took a hundred shots of just that, all subtle variations of focus, exposure, composition. I managed to boil it down to 20 or so possible finalists before I burned out for the day!

  4. I love the “taste” and am ready for more! I am fascinated by what you you see.

  5. I’m really liking the color of yellow in these photos. I think you are onto something here. Looks good!

  6. Beautiful impressionist feeling to these. The third image really has a poetic movement to it with the way the petals ripple. Nice job!

  7. Spectacular Daniel. Love these “peeks” into the exploration. The movement is awesome. Cheers!

  8. It is interesting that off-hand I wouldn’t know exactly of what flower these are from, but they have certainly captured all of the essence of a sunflower.

  9. Mark: that’s always my goal. I like making photographs that are enigmatic, photographs that feel familiar, although at first you are not quite sure why. I hope this encourage people to spend more time studying things that they might dismiss if they were too familiar.

  10. These sunflower photos are amazing! I especially like your use of color.
    – Michelle LaRae

  11. One thing that I have always enjoyed seeing in a individual, or a photographer, is that when they see the possibilities that exists, then they work it to its fullest.
    You are one of those photographers!


  12. Phenomenal…beautiful…liquid silk eye candy. Your photography work is amazing and makes my heart beat faster.

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