the twists and turns of a vine

The past couple of days I have been working with a tiny fragment of wild vine that I found last fall, walking in the Great Swamp with my family. It’s only about an inch in size, but its twists and curls are proving to be rich for exploration. I’m just following its lead right now, seeing where it will take me.

Update (later that day): This photograph explores the same vine from a different perspective. I still have a few more that I am working on.

Update (the next day): Even though I intended to move onto another subject, this little vine still captured my attention.

abstract of a wild vine ©Daniel Sroka


I can see why this vine has captivated you! My favorite, by far, is the last image. This vine is one that you could, and sounds like you have, stare at for hours and see something new! Beautiful image!!!