stargazer lily

May 23, 2007  in  About my art       Related posts:  

On Mother’s Day, my wife’s grandmother was admiring some stargazer lilies, and suggested that I should take some photographs of them. It was the first time she had expressed an interest in my work, so I was flattered. Then when a few days later a friend actually gave us a pot of lilies, I figured it was about time. Stargazers are definitely a dramatic flower. They are a flower’s flower — very in-your-face with their petals, stamen, and above all, their odor. The stargazer has a beautiful smell, but subtle it is not. Smelling a stargazer is like snacking on honey: that first taste is great, but phew! It… just… never… goes… away! The smell gets everywhere and is impossible not to smell. So to keep my allergies at bay, I had to work fast before the buds fully opened. It’s hard to hold a camera steady when you are constantly sneezing.

Stargazer Lily ©Daniel Sroka

Added 2/21/08: I just created two new ketubah designs ( Stargazer Ketubah and Stargazer Bud Ketubah) from two other photographs from this same shoot.