maple tree seed

After a very busy September, full of print schedules and marketing plans, I finally got to spend some time in the studio shooting new photographs. I’ve been able to spend large parts of the past few days shooting, and am pleasantly surprised at how quickly things are gelling for me. Digging around in my stash of seeds, I found this beautifully curled maple seed. It took a little while to warm up, to get my lighting right, to get comfortable with my camera, to get my eye really seeing again. But after a few hours of exploration, I found this:

Maple Tree Seed Abstract ┬ęDaniel Sroka

Since then I’ve been discovering many other images hidden within this little seed. I’m pretty excited about how this shoot is going! More to come…


It needs, for me at least, a title. It’s a wonderful picture, as all that you display are, but I’ve not spent the last day with it and my head is not in that place, so it doesn’t have a compelling story to me, other than “abstract, pretty”. A title, even a provisional one, would help encourage me in the direction you yourself are thinking with it….

Jeffrey, I’m still heavy in creation mode. For me, naming comes later. This photo is an early draft, a first proof of concept to me that there is something viable in this subject. I’ve already done a number of other shots exploring different perspectives, different emotions, etc. Once I find out where all of this is going, then I’ll be able to find the right photo that tells the right story, and find a name for it.

Certainly some more cool stuff coming from you Daniel!

I have to ask, …
Do you find your creativity heightened even more after you spend time with heavy marketing efforts?
I’m just curious as to how it works out for you.
For me, I don’t care to much for marketing at all although I have been at it hot and heavy, and it has been working out really well.
But man, … after a couple of rounds of e-mails, telephone calls, mailing out postcards, … my creativity seems to run wild when I pick up the camera.
I guess it is a release of sorts! : )
Anyway, ….. just curious.

Keep plugging, keep creating, … and have fun while doing it.

Michael, I don’t know if my creativity is heightened or not after a spell of marketing work. I do know that it often can take me some time to shift gears — to change my brain from marketing mode to creative mode. The first few hours (or sometimes days) of shooting can feel really still and forced until I limber up. Then, things start cooking!

Going from the numbers game and back to the vision game certainly can feel forced, but when you do finally limber up, … well for me, … things go crazy on the creative side.

Anyway, … I was just curious how it worked out for you, so thanks for answering.

Take it easy Daniel,

I always find the ‘warm up period’ to be interesting. There isn’t really any way to predict how long it will take, but you know you have to go through it after being away from the camera for awhile. Even visiting a new place you have to take awhile to get into the groove, or “in the zone” if you will. I like the dynamic wave in this shot.

I’ve looked at this image now several times and each time my initial reaction is to the color it seems. I just seem to really like the combination of this green, tan and black. I also like the cupping form, almost like a hand reaching out. It seems to be inviting a touch.