Ex Ovo

August 16, 2007  in  About my art       Related posts:  

Ex Ovo ©Daniel Sroka

This is one I nearly thew away. I took this photograph over four months ago. It is from a series of photos I took of a very dead, very curled and dried leaf. Leaf from Ex Ovo ©Daniel SrokaYes, I know, all the leaves I photograph are dead and dried, but this one was particularly gnarly. It had probably been sitting on our house’s walkway all winter, and was just an ugly husk of its former self (that’s it on the right). Still, for some reason, I picked it up . I took a bunch of pictures and wasn’t too happy with them. But being lazy, I didn’t bother to delete them. Then this morning, I stumbled on them again. Most of the photos were crap, to be honest, and I nearly trashed the lot of them. But this one caught my eye. Once again, it was saved from the trash heap, and I’m glad. There’s something oddly primal about it, like a creature bursting out of its egg. It has a feeling of motion and energy that I really like. I named it “Ex Ovo”, from the phrase “omne vivum ex ovo” which is Latin for “every living thing is from an egg”.