I have spent a lot of time over the past month reviewing old photographs. These are photographs I created, but then for some reason, never made public. Often I simply overlooked the photograph, and it just got lost in the middle of a marathon studio session. But other times, I set it aside because I didn’t think it was ready — there was some promise to image, but it just wasn’t working yet. I love going to back to these “misfits”, because as my skills improved and my vision sharpens, I find I am often able to finally realize the initial promise the image hinted at.

These photographs of peeling bark fit into this category. I originally created them eight years ago. I remember liking them, but at the time was unhappy with how they were turning out. So I set them aside, and now nearly a decade later, they finally began to come together. I love the wild texture of the bark pulling away from the tree, the feeling of motion and energy buried within it.