abstraction of a maple seed

Today I’m working with a small stem containing several seed pods from a maple tree – what my kids call “helicopters”. I love the intensity of the vascular system of the seed, and how it conveys images of riverways or arteries and veins.

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  1. Fantastic! I know which seeds you’re talking about. As always, an inspiration.

  2. I love these two photos. The one at the top is like a sand waterfall (I was looking at images of sand ripples today) and the bottom is a nice take on your “Rip in the Universe” type photos. Really great!

  3. @Wendy: “rip in the universe”… love that description! Do I sense a fellow Doctor Who fan?

  4. They’re both lovely images, but you really knocked it out of the park on that top one. Just—sublime really!

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