abstract of a mesquite seed pod

Abstract of a mesquite seed pod

This is a photograph of a mesquite seed pod I found on the grounds of the Miraval Resort during my artist-in-residence there this summer. The mesquite trees are about all the shade you get in the heat of the desert, and the crunching of the pods underfoot is a common sound as you walk the grounds.

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I like Roberta’s comment. I’m curious whether this image came quickly to you or required much exploration. I enjoy the symmetry and the tones and that you didn’t try to over work the subject it seems. I think that is one of the strengths of your work.

Paul, this image took quite a while. I gathered a collection of these seed pods in early July, and have been living with them ever since. Nearly every day, I’d examine them and try to see their potential. This particular pod was very compelling, but it still took many days of exploration to find what it could offer me. And then it took more days of shooting to get the right expression of that.