A new abstract of a leaf: Dragon

I’ve been working on my art each day for the past couple weeks, working my way through a collection of leaves, seeds, and acorns from last fall, trying to find one that captured my imagination. While most days yielded little progress, I kept at it, and yesterday, I stumbled on something out of the blue.

Dragon (an abstract of a fallen leaf) by Daniel Sroka

Dragon (an abstract of a fallen leaf) by Daniel Sroka

This green and yellow maple leaf caught my eye, specifically the way one side of the leaf had curled under itself. When I explored this area through the camera, I noticed how this curl of this edge contrasted with the soft ripple of the rest of the leaf. This caused a slight tension, and a sense of motion.

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  1. i like these. And for once I’m not sitting here thinking ‘oh that looks like this and this looks like that’. Maybe that is why I also like these so much…they just are! It’s like you found another way to show them.

  2. This top image is amazing, Daniel! The color variations are fabulous. Great shapes, love it, love it, love it!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The texture really adds to the overall image as well.

  4. This might be my favorite one yet! Beautiful….

  5. I am taken by both the tonalities and the lines of this image, but also as Roberta has pointed out, the texture. I keep fighting the urge to rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise, but I think that would be wrong(?).

  6. Thanks everyone. I still have more work to go on this. I’m not happy with the dark cresent shape in the middle – I need to bring some more tonality in to this. And the texture for this photo has been an interesting exploration. I don’t like to add texture to everything, but some photos like this one really ask for it. This current texture is a combination of a scan of a cardboard shipping box and some clouds. Fun, but I have a lot of other ideas to play with.

  7. Very cool image!

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