Month: October 2012

Vertigo - an abstract of a leaf ┬ęDaniel Sroka

Vertigo – an abstract of a leaf

This leaf is a tiny one, and rather unassuming. But when I picked it up and turned it over, I was surprised to find a tiny perfect spiral…

Red Torso ┬ęDaniel Sroka, at the Center for Audit Quality offices, Washington, DC

new installation at an office in Washington, DC

The Center for Audit Quality in Washington, DC recently purchased two of my photographs to decorate their beautifully designed office. I believe that the bold colors and simple…

Locket, an abstraction of a fallen leaf by Daniel Sroka

new art from a new camera

I created this photograph by staring straight down into the heart of a tightly curled leaf. I love the pattern of circles draws you in closer and closer,…