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I began experimenting with leaves when my wife and I started our family. With young and growing kids, I needed a project I could work on whenever I found a free moment, and just as easily walk away from if the kids needed me. The perfect solution was right at my feet. Fallen leaves are everywhere in our suburban neighborhood. They are so common, and yet, every leaf has a unique and complex character. And best of all, they aren't bothered by frequent interruptions.

I believe this daily chaos of raising a family actually helped me become a better artist. It forced me to slow down my pace, and become more thoughtful about my process. Every time I returned to the camera was an opportunity to revisit my assumptions and discover new possibilities. What started as a simple and convenient art project turned into my life's work. I discovered that every leaf can be an endless source of inspiration.

This is where my art begins.
My art begins from the very familiar — fallen leaves, broken sticks, melting ice, weathered bark, and old shells.


After studying language and cognition in college, I began my career as a graphic designer. Starting at a rural print shop, I quickly advanced my way through the profession, becoming the original creative director for Yahoo!. Throughout the pioneering days of the internet, I helped transform them from a quirky start-up into a globally-recognized brand. However, I grew tired of working on the dreams of others, so I decided to focus my career on my own creative efforts. I used my experience in design and marketing to launch my art career as well as a successful online business inspired by my art. My art has since been purchased by private collectors as well as distinctive resorts, spas, restaurants, and wellness offices around the world.

shows and exhibitions

My solo show at the Glandis Blatt Gallery, Morristown, NJ 2017
My solo show at the Glandis Blatt Gallery, Morristown, NJ 2017.

My solo show at Monmouth Museum 2017.
My solo show at Monmouth Museum 2017.

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