holding nature in your hands

Hi, I'm Daniel Sroka.

I create immersive abstract photographs from the most familiar parts of nature — leaves, shells, ice, and seeds. I only photograph what I can hold in my hands, creating art that explores nature on a personal scale. I've always been more interested in a leaf that fell to the ground than the view in the distance. When I pick up a leaf and experience it firsthand, nature becomes real for me: an integral and relevant part of my life. So I make art that recreates this feeling of holding a part of nature in your hands, and personally connecting with it. I often sell my art to the owners of one-of-a-kind resorts and spas, places designed to nurture that kind of personal and authentic reflection.

In addition to being an artist, I am also a creative entrepreneur, and I run my business with as much passion as my art. I partner closely with my clients and collectors to find the perfect artwork for their tastes and needs. It has been my honor to create art for private homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and wellness centers around the world.

This is where my art begins.
This is where my art begins: from fallen leaves, broken sticks, melting ice, weathered bark, and old shells.

where you can see my art

My art has found a home in hotels, offices, and homes around the world, including: Atlantis Resort Bahamas, Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa (Florida), The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island (Florida), Graton Resort & Casino (California), The Address Boulevard (Dubai), Restaurant Juni (New York), Hotel Chandler (New York), Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, Norwegian Cruise Lines, The Woodlands Resort (Houston), Hyatt Regency Windwatch (Long Island), The Quin Hotel (New York), AtlantiCare Atlantic City Campus (New Jersey), AtlantiCare Cancer Care Institute (New Jersey), AtlantiCare Mainland Campus (New Jersey), AtlantiCare Physician Group Offices (New Jersey), Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa (Tucson), Four Seasons (Washington DC), Memorial Medical Center (Wisconsin), LAX Hilton Hotel (Los Angeles). Plus many private residences around the world.